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May 15, 2020

Meet Baby and Patch from Save A Dog


Video thumbnail: Dont Shop Adopt Baby and Patch Instead


Baby and Patch are both at Save A Dog in Sudbury and are a bonded pair.  Patch always loves to be around his Pal Baby and would love to be adopted together




Part of a bonded pair
Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.

Meet Baby

Baby is a Pom who was rescued from a hoarding situation in Indiana. She has been in foster care and is the sweetest dog. She was treated for heartworms. We're trying to place her AND Patch together. Patch is a frightened Chihuahua who is very attached to Baby. They have been through a lot together and a home together would mean the world to them, especially Patch. Please be very close to Sudbury as we need to retest in a few months. Applicants willing to take both will be given preference. Donations accepted to ease the burden of the adopter.




Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.

Meet Patch

Patch is a small thick-coated Chihuahua who was rescued from a hoarding situation in Indiana. He has been in foster care and is very attached to Baby so we are looking for a home together. They have been through a lot together and a home together would mean the world to them, especially Patch. Please be very close to Sudbury as we need to retest in a few months. Applicants willing to take both will be given preference. Donations accepted to ease the burden of the adopter.


Save A Dog is a humane society whose primary focus is rescuing and rehoming abandoned dogs. We began in 1999 as an all-breed, all-volunteer dog rescue group and ran out of our founder's home for nine years. Finally we have a lovely facility and kennel which we are renting to own in Sudbury, Mass. Save A Dog is a privately funded 501(c)3 organization.

Mailing Address:

    Save A Dog, Inc.
    604 Boston Post Road
    Sudbury, MA 01776

Phone (voice):




Our Location:

Our adoption facility is located at 604 Boston Post Road in Sudbury, MA. This is on Rt. 20 on the Marlborough line, across from Victory Cigar. The hours of operation for the current week are posted on our homepage. Please refer to our hours before visiting the facility.



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May 12, 2020

Setting Up A Home Office That Works For You - JasonRHomes

Hey everyone, it's Jason from the JasonRHomes team and today we're gonna talk about setting up your home office. There are two main things you need when setting up an office, you need a chair and a door. 

Having yourself in separate room from everything going on can do a couple things for you. 1 it's gonna make you feel like you're at work, that this is your work space, this is your environment, rather than being in an environment like your couch which is typically a recreational space. 

The second thing is it's gonna help drown out some of the noise, so if it were anything like my house I have two small dogs , you've all met one of them, and they're gonna bark everytime somebody knocks at the door. That can be very distracting, you still hear it with the door closed but it's a little bit less and it makes me feel like I'm away at work, this is my work time and my work space.

The next thing that you need is to make sure you get your essentials. You need your computer.

So basically whatever your essentials are and what you're going to use during the day, you wanna make sure that you have them so you're not leaving the space trying to find them. 

The last thing I can talk about is setting up your room in a way you're going to like. Make sure it is lit appropriately, you're not sitting in a dark corner of a room because that's no fun. Have motivational stuff in front of you, a vision board, is a wonderful thing, I have one in my office at home. Motivational quotes are wonderful too. Make sure it's an environment you wanna spend some time in because you don't want a cold, dark environment.

1) Comfy Chair 2)Door 3) Desk set up appropriately 

4)an area you actually wanna be in are the 4 big things I look at when setting up my home office. Thanks for reading and watching, please subscribe to our YouTube channel @JasonRHomes we're also easily found on instgram linked in and twitter, see y'all soon!

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May 12, 2020

Leominster Parade for Frontline Workers During COVID 19 with the JasonRHomes Team!

Hey everybody, it’s Jason, from the JasonRHomes team, we just finished the parade here in Leominster, Massachusetts, to show our support for all the frontline workers, like medical and people working at the grocery stores. Click on the photo above to take a look at our video of the parade! Thanks for watching my video and reading our short blog, the JasonRHomes team always wants to help our local community any way we can, even through a parade! Thank you for everyone out there on the front lines doing all the work for us, so we can get our food, medical care, and everything else we need. If you'd like to see more videos like this, check out @JasonRHomes on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.



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May 12, 2020

Virtual House Tours with the JasonRHomes Team

  Hi everyone, welcome to the JasonRHomes blog, if you want to watch a video on our virtual tours click the photo above!  Today we are going to be talking about how to buy a home virtually. 

 The first thing you want to look at when home buying is what you want versus what you need. For example “I want granite countertops, but I NEED a big kitchen because I cook a lot.” Search online, @, then watch some virtual tours of homes. There’s 3D tours typically taken by a matterport camera where it takes you through the house from the perspective that you’re walking around the inside. When I lived in Memphis, Tennessee, and my parents were selling my childhood home in Massachusetts, I was able to see it one last time through matterport 3D. The JasonRHomes team does virtual tour videos of every house that we help sell. We give you a walkthrough of the home and talk about some of the features that best highlight the house to help it sell. 

Once you’ve done virtual tours of homes you want to speak to an agent without ever having to step inside the house. In this environment it could happen although we don’t typical do this but we want to help keep our clients safe!

Thanks for watching our video. I hope you learned something about virtual tours of homes. If you want to see more videos and blogs like this visit us @JasonRHomes on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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May 12, 2020


  Hi everyone, this is Jason, from the JasonRHomes team, and today we're gonna talk about what NOT to do when buying a home. There are several things you do not want to do today. I'm gonna talk about 10 things, the first of which is: don't change jobs! If you're a W2 employee and you change to a 1099 self-employed and stuff like that, without a history of it, they may not be able to use it for your loan. Wait until after you finish closing on the home to change your job, to another job or another industry. If it's within the same industry, talk to your loan officer, you may be able to pull it off. 

  The next 2 have to do with credit. Don't buy a car or truck because that goes on your credit, if you're buying with credit, if you are not buying with credit and you're using cash you might be able to pull it off, but you may need that cash for your down payment. Wait that 30-45 days until it closes before buying a car or truck, unless your loan officer tells you that you can. 

  Number three, do not use credit cards excessively. When we talk about debt to income ratios, if you raise your debt up a ton, then what's gonna happen is you may disqualify yourself for that loan. So, use it the way normally would use it, or less, until the process is over. You do not want to buy something and lose your house because of it because you can no longer get that loan. Don't spend the money you have set aside for closing, so an FHA loan is 3.5 % down conventional loan can be anywhere from 5% down to 20% down. There are 0% down loans but you also have closing costs. If you're setting aside 3.5 % of a $200,000 house $7,000 plus your closing cost of 6-8 thousand dollars so $13,000 don't spend it, put it in a separate account, because you want that to be there, at the end, you need that to close.

  Fourth thing, don't omit anything from the loan officer, they will find it. I've had situations where this happened, somebody owned a house in another state and didn't tell the loan officer, had a mortgage on it, debt right? the loan officer found out about it, disqualified from the loan. They will find it, tell them about everything that's going on, also makes for a much smoother process. 

  This is probably the biggest one I see, is do not buy furniture on credit, you wanna furnish your new home, nice new furniture to fit the space, don't do it before the home closes. As we talked about before, furniture on credit when your debt goes up, you may throw off your ratios and no longer be able to buy the home. 

  Next thing is, don't originate any new inquiries on your credit, because that could hurt you, or anything against your credit. Somebody opened a new phone, they switched services, so that's a credit inquiry because they get a hit on their credit due to one service not paying off the other. It disqualified them for the loan, we could save it with another loan type but you wanna make sure you're not doing that because you know you could lose a loan.

Last couple are about banking, no large deposits in your bank account, that does get flagged, you wanna make sure they have a trace of where the money comes from. Also, don't change bank accounts the loan officer needs to trace where all the money is coming from, it's better that you actually don't change your bank at all, don't make any large deposits or anything like that. 


  Last one, don't cosign for anyone because your debt goes up when you sign a loan. If you sign a loan for someone else, your co-sign will make your debt go up on that one too. This could throw off your debt to income ratio, you could lose the loan. Thank you everybody for listening, I'm Jason from the JasonRHomes team, if you want to see more videos like this about real estate, community, or animals, find us on our YouTube page, you can also find us on facebook, linkedin, instagram, and twitter, all @JasonRHomes have a great day!

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May 12, 2020

How to Find the Perfect Loan Officer with the JASONRHOMES team!

Hi everyone, today we're gonna talk about how to pick your loan officer. There's four main things I think about when looking for a loan officer they need to be knowledgeable they need to

care the way we care about you, and they need to be available. You gotta be available and have good communication. Knowledge is very important, there's a lot of loan products out there from USDA to FHA to VA to mass housing and so on and so forth. Each one of these is kind of like a tool in the tool belt. The one that fits you best, is the one that you should go with. A good loan officer knows those through and through, and knows how to fit you into the right program. If the house needs fixing you might in FHA 203k loans so that's something that means now there's USDA loans that are only available in certain areas of Massachusetts or any other state boat out in Massachusetts right now so those are things they really have to know in order for you to pick the right program. USDA doesn't work in Leominster so if you look at homes in Leominster,  they shouldn't put you in a USDA loan.

 The next thing is care. We care about our clients because our clients become our friends, it's a lifetime bond. It's not just a transaction for us, so our partners, our loan officers, they gotta care the same way. they're gonna make sure we're with you from day one to day one hundred and fifty seven, or however long it takes to get you the house that you want. I've worked with people for over a year to get them into the house they want, the loan officer has to be willing to do the same thing for you, because it's all about you. This is a big purchase in your life, the biggest purchase you're gonna make in your life, so we have to have that caring and people I work with have to have that caring too, you are not a number, you are a name.

  The next thing is availability, when you look for homes we search on nights and weekends usually. Yes, some of us have time during the day, I'm a full time realtor, I can search during the day with you, if you have the time. However, most homes are searched for on nights and weekends. We may have a question about what's going on, so we need to make sure the loan office is available after five o'clock and on the weekends. If you found that house that you loved on Sunday morning, and you need to put an offer in on it, the loan office is not available to talk to you about what the costs are gonna be for that house. If you need to change your pre-approval, you can't put an offer on that house if you don't have the proper pre-approval so they gotta be available, that way when we're ready, they're there for us.

 The third thing is communication, so I bought a house in the past, and didn’t have the greatest communication, so that can be really stressful. We want our loan officers, and you want the ones you're gonna work with, to be able to communicate with you, and be available so you know what's going on. We pride ourselves on our team to be able to tell you what's going on right now, and in the next couple steps, so you know ahead of time what's going on and your loan officer should be able to do the same thing for you.


 Thanks for reading our blog and for watching our video! Hopefully this helped you to know how to pick out a loan officer. The best way to find a good loan officer is a referral, I have some great ones I work with. If you need them, let me know, I'll send them over to you! Or ask your friends and family who they know, trust, and like for a loan officer. If you want to see more videos like this check us on youtube @JasonRHomes you can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook, see you later!

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May 12, 2020

Dogs to Adopt from WARL with the JasonRHomes Team

Hey everybody, it's Jason, from the JasonRHomes team and today we're gonna talk about some dogs to adopt from WARL. WARL is the Worcester Animal Rescue League here in Worcester, Massachusetts. They've actually been helping as a shelter for over 100 years now. They do a great job, and have some great dogs there. If you're thinking of adopting, or fostering an animal then check out WARL. Today we'll go over three dogs today that are there right now. One of them might be right for you! Our first dog we're gonna talk about today is Dax. Dax is a mixed breed and young dog, he was surrendered to the Worcester Animal Rescue League because his family didn't have enough time to give him the proper care that he needed. As a young dog, he's still a puppy, therefore he has a lot of energy. So, check out Dax if you want a dog with a lot of energy. The next dog we're gonna talk about is Cole. Cole is a springer spaniel and he weighs about 50 pounds. He is an adult, and he was surrendered to WARL because his family couldn't give him the exercise and attention he deserved. He's a young adult so he's still very playful and energetic. He has some restrictions on him, he's picky about the dogs he's with so make sure you introduce any dogs to him safely to make sure they get along. He also has not been in a house with children, so that's another thing to think about, because he's not experienced with children. He’s a loveable, playful dog, check out Cole! Our final dog on the list is Iris, she's a mixed breed, from the Virgin Islands, and she's actually the longest resident in WARL right now. WARLn has been caring for her for almost a year, and brought her back from being malnourished. Now Iris is healthy and ready for a home. I love when animal shelters do that, it's amazing that they're able to help get the dogs to where they need to be. Iris is a smart and energetic dog. You need to be a strong leader for Iris, to help her, also not great with kids under 18. Iris loves the outside world, loves going on walks, runs, or just playing outside. She also loves sitting shotgun in the car. Iris is a dog that could be wonderful and perfect for your family, just realize some of the limitations you have. All the dogs we talked about today are on petfinder, I really wanted to highlight these dogs so we can see if we can get them adopted. I love the petfinder service, I love what WARL is doing and all the places in the area like the sterling animal shelter. Both of my dogs were adopted and we talked about some of the complications, both of my dogs had complications when I took them in too, so it is something you can work through and get a loving member of the family. I love my dogs, and would not change anything. Thank you very much for watching, we'll come out with these occasionally so you can see the other dogs that are out there that you can adopt and make part of your family, we'll see you round. If you wanna see more videos like this or the community, real estate then follow us on YouTube, @JasonRHomes, LinkedIn Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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May 5, 2020

5 TIPS for MOVING during a pandemic with the JasonRHomes Team

 Hey everyone, today we're gonna talk about the five tips I have for moving during COVID 19.  1) The first thing of course is to do it yourself, if you can. This will minimize the amount of contact and time you're with people. You and your family can do it together, however, if you can't do that due to moving heavy furniture or things of that nature, then what you want to do is minimize contact by trying to get a virtual quote, call and let them know what you have Of course when they do show up, this is really hard for me because I really believe in the handshake, but don't shake their hands! It is the oddest thing for me right now, and you know to stay out of their way, six feet apart. 

2) To make sure that you are being safe, tip number two is when the movers do in fact come if you hire them, to make sure that you are properly prepared! Make sure you have your gloves, your face masks, hand sanitizer, and things to protect yourself and others when they're there. The movers should also be taking the same measures, because they want to protect themselves too. If you're helping the movers, make sure you're not too close behind them, stay six feet apart, and don’t touch the same boxes so nothing will spread or anything like that.

3) The third thing is to be as flexible and transparent as possible, so what I mean by that is communication. Let your neighbor’s know when this is happening if you don't want to run into them in the hallway during the moving process. To keep them safe and yourself safe, if you're moving to a condo for example, when you have neighbors right down the hall from you, then you want to let them know: “Hey! I'm leaving at this time...”, stand far apart with your equipment on, and maybe send a letter or something like that.

4) The fourth thing is to lighten your load! We are in a stressful pandemic right now, so there's a lot of people who need food. In fact, I delivered food today to the people in Leominster, so if you want to lighten your load, donate extra stuff to food shelters in the area, the emergency management department, etc. Most places will pick it up, in Leominster, we have Jenny's pantry, a wonderful place you can donate food. 

5) The fifth and final thing is don't meet your neighbors! Normally, I'd say meet neighbors, get to know the neighborhood, but don’t prioritize that right now. You can talk from yards away, but I wouldn't go over to the house bringing cookies or anything like that. Wait until this is all over to meet your neighbors. Feel free to take a walk around the neighborhood, I know my neighborhood always has people walking around when the weather is nice, we make sure to remain far apart when we're walking.


   I hope these five tips for moving during COVID19 help you, if you want to see more videos like this, follow us on YouTube by hitting the subscribe button, it really helps us out. We're also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, see y'all later!

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May 1, 2020

Moving To Upton, Massachusetts. Virtual Tour!

Welcome to beautiful Upton, Massachusetts, a small town with a historic feel as it was established in 1735. Click the photo above to watch our virtual video tour of the town.

Stop by the Nevermind Shop in the center of town for classic records, CD’s, T-shirts and other timeless items. The center of town has a beautiful memorial, the town hall, town library, Country Sooper, Pizza, and more! The plaza includes Jade Garden, Coffee Bean, Honey Farms, laundromat and bank.

Upton also has two high schools, both of which ere rated 9/10 on Nipmuc Regional High School consists of the Mendon-Upton district, while BVT, BLackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School serves the 13 towns of Blackstone Valley.

Rent a kayak or canoe at Finn and Feather, walk your vessel to the river a few feet away from the store. The river will lead you right to Kiwanis Lake!

Check out Kelly’s Farm stand in the warmer months to get fresh produce, flowers, pumpkins and more! In the summer grab some ice cream by stopping by JJ’s ice cream.

I hope you liked our tour of beautiful Upton, Massachusetts, follow us @JasonRHomes on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok, see ya’ll soon!


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April 30, 2020

MEET JASON! JasonRHomes Team Leader.

   Hey Everybody, this is Jason, from the JasonRHomes team. Today we're gonna talk! I was born and raised in Leominster, Massachusetts. I still live in Leominster, MA, although I spent a couple years outside of it. I've lived in Worcester, Shrewsbury, and Memphis, Tennessee. Educationally, I went to Mount Wachusett Community College for my undergrad. I also attended Leominster high school, graduating class of 2000, woo! Then from there, I went to Umass Amherst and got my bachelor's degree in Marketing, and my masters from Nichols College. I currently am a real estate agent, I've been a realtor for three years, and I run a Real Estate team. That means I have four other realtors working with me, to make sure you get the best possible care. I also have a marketing manager that helps us out with these wonderful videos, and an office manager that keeps us all in line, we can't do it without her. The business itself is set around giving you the best possible experience while buying a house. We want to make sure we're there for you whether it's one day til you buy a house or 10 years til you're buying a house, to help you achieve those dreams and goals, and all of our partners are the same way. 


A little bit more about me,  we're talking so you get to know me, I love animals, as you can see this is Max, he's our team animal. He's adopted as well as every animal in my house is adopted, so we do support adopted dogs. You should see more videos on that when this is all over and I can shoot those videos again. I'm also big into krav maga which is a form of self defense and fitness, though I actually do it down in Holden which is called Force Defense. Soccer, my first love when it comes to sports I played soccer most of my life, love doing that. I even still play with special olympics, and in Northborough at Teamworks and I love doing that. The most important part of my life is friends and family, there's nothing better than sitting by the fire with a bunch of people and good conversation. So that's a little bit about me and my business, thank you for reading and watching everyone! If you want to find more content about this, learn more about me, the team, or real estate, or just maybe see a little more of Max, there's a max video that you can find too. Follow us on YouTube, JasonRHomes, we're also on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. All @JasonRHomes see y'all soon

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